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We've had a makeover!

There have been some big changes at Dr Amina Davison recently. Most notable is our new website. To coincide with my return from maternity leave, gaining a new colleague and the introduction of a new subscription based service, I thought the website could also do with freshening up. So come and take a look!

The available services have now been simplified into three plans. Two of the plans are based a monthly subscription lasting for 1 year, the third plan is a single assessment, similar to what I previously offered. All plans include a comprehensive blood test as well as the Bespoke Health Plan that makes the experience so unique, and continued email support. This way of working will ensure better outcomes for patients in terms of having more frequent contact, testing included for everybody, and making the whole service more affordable by splitting the cost into monthly payments.

Also in exciting news, I would like to welcome our new colleague Dr Paloma Rodriguez, who has been seeing new patients while I was on maternity leave. She is also a GP trained in Functional Medicine, and will be continuing to consult with me. With Dr Paloma's help, we hope to be extending the clinic to include appointments in Madrid, Spain in the near future.

You can browse the new website and services at

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