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I'm Dr. Amina Davison, and my journey into healthcare has been driven by a single belief: everyone deserves to feel healthy.

My approach is rooted in utilising nutrition and natural therapies, offering a gentler yet profoundly effective way to initiate powerful shifts in your health through simple, meaningful changes.

Since becoming a qualified doctor in 2006, my career has spanned various fields, including surgery and aesthetic medicine, before I embraced the role of a General Practitioner. This diverse experience, gained in NHS hospitals and through establishing aesthetic clinics across Yorkshire, has enriched my understanding of healthcare's true essence.


It's not merely about treating symptoms; it's about considering the whole individual – their relationships, lifestyle, environmental factors, and past experiences – all of which play a crucial role in shaping your health.

My passion for delivering more personalised and effective healthcare led me to the Institute of Functional Medicine in the US, where I completed an introductory course followed by six advanced modules covering Gut, Immune, Environmental, Cardiometabolic, Hormones, and Bioenergetics aspects. This journey of learning continued with specialised training in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy at the Marion Gluck Academy in London, further equipping me to provide care that truly makes a difference.

In 2018, I opened my private practice in Leeds, a culmination of my dedication to creating a healthcare environment where patients feel heard, respected, and actively involved in their journey to wellness. As a member of the prestigious bodies GMC, Royal College of GPs, Royal College of Surgeons, Institute for Functional Medicine, and the Marion Gluck Academy, I hold myself to the highest standards of care, continually striving to merge cutting-edge science with a compassionate, holistic approach to health.

Inspired by challenges within traditional medical practices, particularly those affecting busy individuals who seek more from their healthcare experiences, I've shaped my practice around the principles of accessibility, transparency, and personalised care. My aim is to dismantle the barriers that often hinder effective healthcare delivery, ensuring every patient receives the attention and tailored treatment they deserve.

If you're seeking a partner in your health journey who prioritises comprehensive, individualised care over quick fixes, I invite you to join me. Together, we can explore the full potential of your health and lay the foundation for the vibrant, healthy future you deserve.


Book your Personalised Consultation 

Dive deeper into your health and well-being with a personal consultation. Whether you're seeking to balance your hormones, address chronic health issues, or achieve your skin health goals, I'm here to guide and support you with a bespoke plan. Let's begin crafting your journey to optimal health together.


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