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6 ways a health coach will help you succeed in beating chronic illness

If you have been failing to make healthy changes, or don’t know what to do, you need help. Here are some of the ways a health coach will help you to make lasting lifestyle changes.

1. Getting to know you and your history

We spend an hour at your first appointment, getting to know you, your lifestyle and what is important to you. We then explore ways for you to make changes that work within your life situation. This is followed by frequent visits either in person or virtually to keep you on track.

2. Identifying personal visions and realistic goals

The health coach helps you to set a customised vision and realistic goals. We recognise that everybody's vision of optimal health is different, whether it's ability to run a marathon, freedom from tummy troubles, sleeping better, or just being able to go for a walk every day.

3. Implementing solutions and strategies at a comfortable pace

You and the health coach come up with bitesize goals that work within the context of your life and limitations. Within your busy life, you can only do so much. It’s pointless to plan to workout 6 times a week and to cook from scratch every night if you work most days and don’t have much time for yourself. That's just setting yourself up for failure. Therefore, we work around you and your lifestyle to come up with smaller goals that add up to your larger goals and your vision.

4. Encouraging self-awareness and accountability

You and your coach will identify your inner strengths and weakness and external barriers and resources. He/she then helps you to overcome internal weaknesses such as fear and low esteem, and external barriers such as lack of money, too busy etc. Knowing and acknowledging your limitations, you learn how to overcome them or work with them.

5. Utilising internal strengths and external resources

At the same time the coach arms you with knowledge, strategies and tools. These help you not to feel guilty but to get up whenever you slip, and succeed in reaching your health goals. You learn to be accountable when implementing healthy choices. In a nutshell, coach empowers you to achieve sustainable wellness.

6. Support from your practitioner

The health coach is your point of contact for queries. He/she works closely with your health practitioner and takes your health concerns into account to come up with a personalised plan that works for you and your lifestyle. Through your scheduled physical/virtual visits, your coach provides you with support every step of the way as you execute your plan.

Enjoy the benefits of having a health coach

The health coach is knowledgeable and will apply that knowledge to guide you to the type of lifestyle changes that suit you. If you are serious about improving your health, speak to a member of our team today to get support from a coach, so that you will succeed in beating chronic illness.

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