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Welcome to Your
New Beginning with a Functional Approach

Embarking on your Functional Medicine journey means a commitment to understanding and addressing the underlying causes of your health concerns. This holistic approach is the foundation of my practice, allowing us to uncover and address the root causes of complex chronic diseases together.

What to Expect 

  • Comprehensive Health Review: We will spend 75 minutes together, either in-person or via online video chat, discussing your health history in depth. This time is dedicated to understanding the full spectrum of your health journey.

  • Personalised Health Plan Creation: Following our consultation, I dedicate 2-3 hours to analysing your information and crafting a bespoke treatment plan. This plan includes specialist testing recommendations, nutritional advice, supplement strategies, lifestyle changes, and any necessary therapeutic diets or detoxification programs.

  • Ongoing Support and Review: Health is a continuous journey. After your initial assessment, we'll schedule follow-up appointments every 6-8 weeks to monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed.

Conditions Addressed:

From allergies and autoimmune disorders to hormone imbalances and digestive issues, Functional Medicine offers a path to relief and well-being. My approach integrates the latest in laboratory testing and diagnostic techniques, ensuring that your treatment plan is as individual as you are.

Choosing Your Consultation Method:

Whether you prefer the personal connection of an in-person meeting or the convenience of an online video chat, the choice is yours. Each method provides the same level of detailed care and attention to your health needs.

Ready to Dive Deeper?

Taking this step towards a healthier, more balanced life is a brave decision. By completing the booking process, you're not just seeking answers; you're choosing to take control of your health. I'm here to guide and support you every step of the way.


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Functional Medicine


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