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We use a functional medicine approach to seek out the root cause of your problems. The aim is not to treat disease or cover up symptoms with medications, but to restore health.

Personalised health plan

Online booking and appointments

Messaging and support included

Testing and supplement discount

Appointments included

Tests included

360 Assessment
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Pay as you go 
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360 Assessment


A full medical assessment, including tests.  This assessment is designed to delve deep into your health concerns, helping you to kickstart your health. 

  • 2 doctor visits.

  • 2 nutritionist and 2 health coach visits.

  • 4 initial tests- comprehensive stool analysis, organic acids, adrenal stress test and comprehensive bloods.

  • Personalised health plan.

  • 3 Catch-up calls

  • 3 months Member Support.

How it works.


+Member Support 

from £49 per month


Stay on track with support from the team.

  • Pay as you go appointments.* 

  • Personalised health plan.

  • Online messaging and support.

  • Testing and supplement discount.

  • Additional services included.

*Price shown is for membership only. Appointments priced separately. See here for individual prices . New patients must purchase an initial consultation first.


non member

£ per appointment



If you prefer to book individual appointments without any additional services then you can!  Our  non-membership option gives you full control to access only the services you want.


Start with an initial doctor consultation to create your personal health plan, then you can book additional services at your own pace.

The most detailed assessment you will ever have.

Expert support

Your own personal health detectives including doctors, nutritional therapy and health coaching.

Personalised health plan

Your bespoke health plan covers nutrition, movement, sleep and more.

Longer appointments


A typical NHS GP appointment lasts 5-10 minutes. With us you will always be seen for at least 30 minutes.

Cutting edge testing

Advanced testing is included with the 360 Assessment, helping you to build a detailed picture of your health.



Connect with your expert team through the member portal.

Member perks

Make the most of our membership support and discounts.

Take control of your health.

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Highly trained clinicians

With professional, guided support every step of the way, you can achieve optimal health without wasting any more time with remedies and protocols that don't work.

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Clinically proven medicine

Break free from fatigue, pain, brain fog, gut issues, autoimmune disease, anxiety and more, with evidence-based tailored treatments that work.

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Advanced testing

A truly 360 approach to tackle every aspect of your wellbeing supported by advanced testing. 

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the 360 Assessment?

The 360 Assessment gives you everything you need to start transforming your health.  From all your initial tests, to your first appointments with your health team. We will design your personalised plan based on your assessment and give you the support to start implementing it.  You will also be able to message your team with minor queries via our online portal and have access to member perks. After your assessment, you can choose whether you wish to continue your care with our flexible plans.


How long does it take to complete the 360 Assessment?

You will have 3 months from the date of purchase to complete your 360 Assessment. This includes the use of all appointments, tests and any member privileges. 

What is included in the Member Support Package?

  • Included as part of the 360 Assessment, or purchase this membership separately with pay-as-you-go appointments. 

  • New patients must purchase an initial appointment first.

  • Speak directly with your team via online messaging and email. Plus zero additional fees for services such as prescription writing, test interpretation and referral letters.

  • As a member we offer a generous 25% discount on supplements, and 10% off tests so you can get the quality of treatment that you need.

  • Please note appointments and tests are not included with the Member Support Package. Please see individual appointment prices and some of our most commonly used tests here.

  • The member support package is cancellable any time by giving one months notice.

Is the cost of advanced testing included in the 360 Assessment?

The 360 Assessment includes a comprehensive selection of tests so you can build a detailed picture of your health instead of guessing, meaning you have a better chance of actually finding out where your imbalances are. These include:

  • Detailed blood analysis with markers for hormones, protein, autoimmunity, liver, kidneys, sugar, blood cells and more so you can have up to date knowledge of how well your key organs are working, meaning safer treatment for you, and also the opportunity to highlight early stages of illnesses you might not have been aware of. 

  • Organic acid urine test to assess your exact nutritional needs so you can have supplement doses tailored to your exact requirements, meaning you get the most effective dose for you. 

  • Comprehensive stool analysis to assess your gut microbiome so you can see exactly what's going on in your gut including screening for chronic infections your regular doctor doesn't check for, meaning more targeted treatment for gut imbalances which go hand in hand with chronic illness. 

  • A saliva test to track cortisol levels so you can see how your body responds to stress, meaning even subtle stressors can be identified early and dealt with. 

Can I get prescriptions?

If medically appropriate, we can prescribe medications for acute issues, but we won't be able to prescribe any repeat medication relating to chronic conditions that need to be managed by your NHS GP or specialist (eg diabetes medications, blood pressure, thyroid etc).  We also do not prescribe any controlled medications.  Please see our prescribing policy. Prescriptions are subject to fees for non-members.

Can I join from outside the UK?

We currently only take on members within the UK.  All our appointments are carried out virtually (video call or telephone).

Can children join?

We currently take on members from the age of 16 and above.  

Can I just use messaging instead of booking an appointment?

Online messaging with your team is designed to get minor queries dealt with quickly. Please see our messaging policy for more information. Messages and emails relating to clinical matters are subject to fees for non-members. 

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